Rules & Regulations

Block Champion Competition (“Block Champion'' or the “Competition”) is a competition hosted by Emmerse, the Blockchain Division of VietChallenge, Inc., a Massachusetts (USA) 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, HUB GLOBAL JSC, a Vietnamese joint stock company (“HUB”), and CATTERMELLON LABS LLC, a Vietnamese limited liability company (“Hectagon,” together with HUB, “HUB Party”) (collectively, the “Organizers”). Block Champion invites entrepreneurs from around the world to pitch and present their innovative blockchain projects with our world-class investors.

A. Eligibility

  1. Any team competing in the Block Champion competition (“competition team,” “participant” or “team”) must have at least two C-level members throughout the whole duration of the competition with job roles and relevant background check (“KYC”).
  2. There is no age or geographic requirement.
  3. There is no limit to the number of applications a team can submit.
  4. One individual can be part of more than one team; each team shall have a team lead, as the main contact person.
  5. The competition is open to applications from all operating businesses with blockchain technologies. There is additional consideration for Pre-TGE projects.
  6. The project’s tokenomics models must (should) have a legal counsel opinion as to whether the token issuance complies with the applicable regulatory requirements.
  7. The project must have an active website with MVP, a comprehensive White Paper/Lite Paper (preferably on Gitbook or PDF), and a pitch deck outlining: features, vision, tokenomics and mechanisms of their products. If applicable, please provide the Github source code pages as well.

B. Ineligibility

Winners of the previous Block Champion competitions are not eligible to participate. For clarity, this provision does not apply to participants of Block Champion 2022, the first year of the competition.

C. Conflicts of Interest

Judges, mentors, advisors and the members of the Organizing Committee of Block Champion and their Direct Relatives may not apply. Direct Relatives means spouses, parents, children, and siblings whether by blood, adoption, or marriage. The list of the Members of the Organizing Committee, as may be updated from time to time, can be found at the official website of the Competition.

D. Timeline

  • August 25: Competition Announcement (the “Announcement Date”)
  • August 25 – October 30: Screening Round; Acceptance of Applications October 30 to November 30: Interviews on a Rolling Basis; Finalist Announcement (5 teams advanced to the Final Round).
  • December 29: Online Final Round Event. Investment Announcement.

If there is any change to any of the dates listed in this Regulation due to unforeseen circumstances, Block Champion reserves the right to make necessary and will provide notices to participating teams in advance.

E. Screening Round Requirements

  1. Each competing team must create and submit an online entry form via the competition’s website, and include the following materials:
    1. A pitch deck in the form of a slide presentation/pdf file.

      The pitch deck shall address ALL of the following: An introduction, analysis of the market, project overall description, technical architecture and feature, tokenomics (if applicable), business model and user acquisition plan, team information with relevant expertise, roadmap, future goals, previous investment (if applicable), fundraising plan, cap table and valuation, and use of funds.

    2. A prototype, proof of concept, and/or legal counsel opinion, if applicable.
    3. An active website with description of the MVP
    4. A comprehensive white paper/light paper (preferably on Gitbook or Github) to describe the project.
    5. If the project is open-sourced, please provide the Github source code pages. If the MVP source is private, please share view access with the organizer.
    6. Submit a one-to-three-minute video pitching the team’s business idea.
    7. All materials have to be in English.
  2. Optional Materials: Competing teams may submit other documents and materials in support of their application. However, Block Champion reserves the right to disregard any material deemed irrelevant to the business plan proposed.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed with entrants: Block Champion has the right to publish and distribute competing team’s Entry Materials, Mandatory Materials, and Optional Materials, including for purposes of promoting the competition or showcasing its participants to Block Champion’s investors and the public, as well as training purposes. If a team does not want Block Champion to publish and/or distribute its Entry Materials in any manner, it shall inform Block Champion of its request via our email at contact@vietchallenge.org. Block Champion retains the right to approve or reject such request.

F. Mentorship Program

Block Champion will provide an opportunity for all the teams entering the final round to participate in the Final Round Mentorship Program. Through the mentorship program, competing teams receive feedback and recommendation from experienced business mentors who are the leading professionals and experts in their blockchain industry to improve their business ideas and plans. Each team’s progression throughout the mentorship program is also a factor that maybe considered by judges in the overall assessment of the entrepreneurship projects. Details of the mentorship programs will be updated before the result announcement of the respective rounds.

G. Final Round Requirements

  1. The Final Round of Block Champion will be held virtually. Finalists to Block Champion’s Final Round are required to attend the Competition Final Round. Details and logistics of these events are to be distributed later.
  2. All teams must have at least one member representing the team at the Final Round. Block Champion reserves the rights to adjust the details of the Final Round at all times, including the rights to postpone the event indefinitely for any reason.
  3. The finalists are required to undergo the due diligence process appointed by Block Champion’s organizers.

H. Awards & Stipends

The winners of Block Champion 2022 Final Round will be awarded the following cash prizes:

One (1) First Place Winner - US$20,000 cash, no strings attached.

Two (2) Runner-ups - US$2,500 cash, no strings attached

As an added bonus, we will introduce our finalists to blockchain investment firms and angel investors in our network, but the specific investment amount in each team depends on the interest of the investors and the negotiation between such finalists and these investors. The organizers do not guarantee any investment amount.

I. Intellectual Property

Each participant must be responsible for their use and utilization of their intellectual property and the intellectual property of any other party during their course of participation in the Competition. Each participant has the sole responsibility to keep their proprietary or confidential information confidential. The Organizers shall not be responsible for any use or utilization of any intellectual property or confidential information of any competing party.

Notwithstanding the above, each competing team (i) agrees to assign and hereby assigns to each of the Organizers all rights and title of photographic and electronic reproduction of the team’s projects pitching within the context of the Competition and (ii) agrees to grant and hereby grants to each of the Organizers a non-exclusive right to use it’s all of the materials and data provided by such competing team to the Organizers during the term of the Competition for investor relationship development, promotional and internal research purposes.

J. Immorality

The Organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants who engage in immoral activities, including lying and cheating, or any activity that may harm or adversely affect the image of any of the Organizers or other participants.

K. Originality

All work and submissions of each entrant must be original to the entrant/team.

L. Compliance and Disqualification

All participants must comply with the rules. Any violation of the rules will disqualify a competing team from the competition, and result in forfeiture of any awards awarded to the team.

M. Updates and Amendments

The Organizers may update the competition rules throughout the competition. All updates will be posted on the Organizers’ website from time to time. These Rules include by incorporation any material posted on the Competition’s website; in the case of conflict, the Competition Rules & Regulations supersede any other materials.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic in 2022, it is possible that the regulation will be significantly amended in accordance with the development of the situation. The Organizers will issue prompt notice in case any changes are to be made. However, it is well advised that all competing teams regularly visit the Competition’s website to be informed of the most current updates.

N. Governing Law

These Rules and Regulations shall be governed by the laws of Massachusetts. Any dispute between the Organizers and a participant shall be resolved amicably by both parties. Each party has the right to submit the dispute to a competent court of Massachusetts only in case both parties have failed to amicably reach an agreement to resolve the dispute within 180 days from the date of the dispute.